JSC “Baltic Filter” automotive filters

The car filters produced by JSC “Baltic Filter” utilise the entire filtering surface due to a unique pleat structure in the filter paper; therefore, they last the entire service life.

Such automotive filters meet all technical requirements and conditions pertaining to the required pleat height and width.

JSC “Baltic Filter” automotive air filters remove dirt and solid particles as small as 63 microns from the engine combustion chamber. It extends the life cycle of the engine.

Because of the unique geometry of paper pleats, they are not compressed and the gaps between them remain adequate, allowing the entire filtering surface to be utilised. The cylindrical filters are produced to the required width, resulting in a sufficient filtration surface. It increases the engine’s service life and decreases fuel consumption. Meanwhile, the quality is controlled at every stage of production – from the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to the warehouse.

Automobiliu filtrai gamyba

JSC “Baltic Filter” produces automotive filters by performing quality control at every stage of production, including:

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Automotive filter production

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