Air filters

High-quality engine air filters are required to keep the internal combustion engine running. Depending on the engine cubic capacity, the engine requires 8 to 13 m³ of air for normal operation. The air typically contains many negative abrasive impurities. The latter, along with the air, enters the engine combustion chamber and deposits on the valves and cylinders together with other combustion materials.
The purpose of an air filter is to clean the incoming air of solid particles and to protect the combustion chamber’s air flow metre. The high-quality filter extends the engine’s service life.
MFilter products are produced using only high-quality and advanced materials, the basis of which is cellulose and synthetics. Robotised equipment ensures the high-quality production of individual components and final assembly of filters. The filter pleats are smooth; meanwhile, the polyurethane-based gaskets are elastic but pressure-resistant. All of this ensures even and smooth air permeability through MFilter products and keeps harmful particles out of the engine.
Modern engine air filters are up to 99.9% efficient due to the low aerodynamic resistance of the filtering material. They can catch particles as small as a few microns. The service life of the air filter is greatly influenced by the environment in which the engine is operated; however, it is always important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for changing air filters. The clogged air filter reduces the vehicle’s power and increases fuel consumption. MFilter air filters ensure the smooth operation of the engine without losing power and help to prolong engine’s service life.
It is recommended that you contact authorised specialists to install or replace a filter.