Cabin air filters

The quality of urban air is becoming a growing concern. People are spending an increasing amount of time in their cars commuting and stuck in traffic jams. As the number of vehicles increases, the concentration of harmful contaminants, which have a negative impact on everyone’s body. Particularly the respiratory system, also increases. The effect of a “vacuum cleaner” is created when air from the surroundings is sucked into the cabin after turning on the vehicle’s ventilation systems, making air quality inside a car often worse than outside. High-quality cabin air filter is an excellent safeguard against negative environmental effects.
Cabin air filters are designed to keep the driver and passengers safe from harmful particles suspended in the ambient air that could harm the human respiratory system. The cabin filter prevents dirt, dust, exhaust gas and pollen, which may negatively affect health and well-being of passengers, from entering the cabin. The cabin filter effectively protects people from external negative effects. It effectively serves its purpose at low and high air temperatures, keeping the air conditioning system clean. Cabin filters are also made with activated carbon. Activated carbon is designed to absorb harmful gases and odours. Cabin filters with activated carbon remove approximately 90% of negative gases. Their system consists of three filter layers: the first layer retains solid particles and dirt. The second layer (activated carbon) traps unwanted gases, and the third layer filters additional particles.
The use of high-quality advanced materials and automated equipment in the production of MFilter products ensures that individual component production and final filter assembly are of high quality. We produce filters in a variety of sizes for cars and lorries, meeting the stringent requirements of vehicle manufacturers.