Fuel filters

Fuel filters are also an important part of fuel supply system of petrol and diesel engines because they remove dirt from the fuel, separate water and ensure the long service life of the entire fuel supply system.
There are of two types of fuel filters: the metal spin-on filters and ECO cartridge filters.
The metal fuel filters are commonly used in multifunctional filtration systems, typically in diesel fuel injection systems, to clean the fuel of dirt and water because water in the fuel can cause fuel injection failure or corrosion. Such filters usually have a separate container for water deposition and removal from the fuel system.
ECO cartridge filters with metal housing, on the other hand, do not have a fuel filtering cassette. They are fitted in prefabricated housings. These filters are often used in diesel engines and fuel systems.
An incorrectly chosen or old clogged filter can have the following negative effects on the vehicle’s fuel system:
• decreased vehicle power;
• uneven engine performance;
• malfunctions in some parts of the fuel system and failures in the engine’s fuel injection system.
The use of high-quality advanced materials and automated equipment in the production of MFilter products ensures that individual component production and final filter assembly are of high quality. We produce filters in a variety of sizes for petrol and diesel-powered cars and lorries, meeting the stringent requirements of vehicle manufacturers.
You can check the availability of filters in the MFilter catalogue by selecting the make and model of your vehicle.
It is recommended that you contact authorised specialists to install or replace a filter.