Oil filters

Oil filters are a very important element of the engine. It removes abrasive impurities from the oil caused by engine wear and prevents contaminants from entering the combustion chamber. During engine operation, the oil filter constantly filters the engine oil, ensuring that the engine and engine turbine run smoothly. Because oil not only lubricates friction parts but also cools the engine, a high-quality oil filter is essential.
There are two types of oil filters:
A spin-on filter is a filtering element that is installed in a metal housing with a screw thread.
Depending on the engine design, the spin-on filter may include the following internal valves:
1. Anti-drainback valve – a rubber or silicone membrane designed to keep oil from leaking from the filter back into the engine case after the engine has been turned off. It also prevents oil from leaking during filter replacement.
2. Anti-syphon valve, which prevents oil from leaking from the filter in the same way that an anti-drainback valve does. The filter is always full of oil, which reaches the engine’s lubricating points faster at start-up.
3. Bypass valve, which is required when the engine’s oil filter becomes clogged. It opens, allowing oil to bypass the filtration surface and enter the lubricating system. In addition, this valve also regulates the oil pressure in the engine.
Oil filter elements, such as ECO filters
Filtering elements are widely used in modern engines. However, they differ from metal spin-on filters in that they lack a metal housing with a thread and valves. The filtering system includes a replaceable oil cartridge, the main components of which are filtering material and plastic mesh, which ensure the filter cartridge’s structural stability.
The use of high-quality advanced materials and automated equipment in the production of MFilter products ensures that individual component production and final filter assembly are of high quality. We produce filters in a variety of sizes for cars and lorries, meeting the stringent requirements of vehicle manufacturers.