Industrial filters – Cylindrical Filters

Cylindrical Filters Our produced air filter elements meet the ISO 16890 standard.

We use only European raw materials for the production of these filters; meanwhile, the established quality management systems ensure that the products are of high quality.

We produce a wide variety of filter cartridges, as well as cylindrical and other types of filters for various industrial aspiration and ventilation systems.

  • sand blasting;
  • shot blasting;
  • glass blasting;
  • powder coating;
  • plastic production / processing
  • industrial ventilation;
  • dust collecting systems;
  • industrial air aspiration;
  • industrial air filtration;
  • anti-corrosion coating and painting;
  • cement silo;
  • grain dryers;
  • grain silo;
  • shot peening;
  • gas turbines air ventilation;
  • dust arrester;
  • foundries;
  • chemical productio;
  • mine ventilation;
  • industrial ventilation systems;
  • fume extraction;
  • smoke extraction;
  • power plants air filtration;
  • laser cutting;
  • plasma cutting;
  • air ventilation for welding;
  • wood processing
Pramoninių filtrų tinklelis

The following materials can be used to modify cartridges:

  • cellulose + polyester;
  • 100% polyester;
  • two-component polyester;
  • polyester with NANO coating;
  • polyester coated with PTFE (Teflon);
  • cellulose/polyester used for the impregnation of flame retardant;
  • polyester with antistatic aluminium coating;
  • filter classes of recycled cartridges are as follows: M, F9, E10, E11 and E12.

There are several variations of lids/flanges made of plastic, reinforced high temperature plastic, two-component polyurethane adhesive with steel frame, aluminium or steel.

Automobilių filtrų pasirinkimas

MFilter cartridges are made of raw materials supplied by the following leading European producers: Hollingsworth & Vose (Germany), JP Air Tech (Denmark), ArcelorMittal (Luxembourg), Henkel (Germany) and others.

Raw materials for flange-mount filters and MFilter cartridges are supplied by the following leading European producers: Hollingsworth & Vose (Germany), JP Air Tech (Denmark), ArcelorMittal (Luxembourg), Henkel (Germany) and others.

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    JSC “Baltic Filter” produces industrial filters by performing quality control at every stage of production, including

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