We all understand the importance of sustainability in the company’s activities, so we try step by step to implement sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions in the daily production and general business processes of the company. We try to do all this by involving both colleagues working in the company and external partners.

One such solution for increasing environmental protection and sustainability is the industrial service of work clothes and other textile tools (washing, changing, recycling). We choose reusable industrial cloths and towels, which are serviced by our partner Lindström.

We want to share some important numbers that show the company’s saved natural resources, avoided negative impact on the environment and made steps towards a cleaner future.

After calculating based on the annual amounts of used tools for the year 2022, we obtained the following results:

During 2022 collected and disposed of ~30 kg of hazardous waste (net amount). The service of reusable industrial wipes helped to save 2,925 pcs. of industrial cloths and 104 pcs. of industrial absorbent mats or approximately 60 kg of rags and 5 kg of sorbent. So in 2022 the amount of hazardous waste reduced through saved textiles is approximately 65 kg (60 kg of rags and 5 kg of sorbent).

During the year 2022, we saved 16 trees by using the reusable Cotton Towel service.

When work clothes are finally worn out, they are recycled. It is also gratifying that almost 100% of the textiles used for work clothes are recycled using the latest technologies (Lindström and their partners). Textile fibers are produced from recycled waste, intended for use in the textile industry for the production of yarn and other fabrics or technical textiles, in the construction industry for the production of insulating and composite materials and acoustic panels.

*According to data provided by Lindström for the year 2022.